As our UCF community navigates a global pandemic and adjusts to a new normal, we know your first priority is the same as ours — the health and security of those closest to you.

To ensure the health and safety of Knight Nation, UCF has organized an effort to help students and employees who are struggling due to COVID-19.

Ways to Access Financial Relief

We are committed to supporting and offering relief resources for our Knights. UCF students who are experiencing a distressing situation that significantly impacts academic or personal success should contact Student Care Services by email at Faculty or staff experiencing a distressing situation should contact UCF Human Resources at

Ways to Support

If you’re among those in a position to help UCF students who are struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your support is urgently needed. Without a safety net, someone losing a job or a housing arrangement can face disaster.

In recognition of the unique circumstances in which we are in, UCF has postponed its annual Day of Giving. However, in response to questions and offers of help from alumni and friends, we provide the following information and ways in which you may lend your support, if you wish.

Gifts to the funds listed in this story will provide immediate relief for students or employees who are housing- and food-insecure, or who need emergency funding to get through this stressful experience and time of uncertainty.

  • The Student Emergency Fund provides funding for students facing hardship or obstacles that make it difficult to continue their education at UCF. Students are selected based on merit and financial need, receiving support for tuition, textbooks, fees and other costs related to education. 
  • The  Student Housing Insecurity Fund provides hardship support for students experiencing housing insecurity or homelessness.
  • The Employee Relief Fund provides financial assistance to qualifying employees who are particularly hit hard by major events like global pandemics and hurricanes.

Visit for more information about this effort.