The award is based on the student who shows the professionalism, moral character, intellect and compassion that is foundational for the medical profession. In selecting Ashley, College of Medicine students said they believed she is the physician they would most want to care for a loved one.

“This is a special honor,” said Dr. Marcy Verduin, associate dean for students. “The award recognizes Ashley as an outstanding physician-to-be and a highly regarded classmate to her peers.”

Ashley said she was “touched to be selected by my classmates, my friends for this award.” As a medical student, she said her experience is still limited but she believes the most important characteristic in patient care is “to put the person before the disease. I try to remind myself that being a great doctor relies on more than just medical knowledge; it also requires the ability to listen to and identify with our patients, the determination to push boundaries and advance the practice of medicine, and the humility to recognize our own limits.”