The UCF Police Department will join agencies from across Central Florida this Friday for a county-wide DUI detail timed with the Memorial Day holiday.

The detail will run from 8 p.m. Friday through 4 a.m. Saturday and will target impaired drivers throughout Orange County. The multi-jurisdictional effort is led by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in partnership with Orlando Police Department and the Orange County Community Traffic Safety Team.

Drivers suspected of being under the influence could be pulled over by police as part of the detail and asked to complete a roadside sobriety test.

Those that are found to be under the influence will be arrested and transported to jail. Drivers under 21 that are deemed to be under the influence will be subject to license suspension even if they are not over the limit.

Two UCF police officers will be participating in the detail. UCFPD hopes that education about the enforcement will encourage those whose plans involve alcohol to designate a sober driver or plan for another safe way home that doesn’t involve risking it behind the wheel.

AAA and Budweiser also have partnered together to create “Tow To Go,” a service that is designed to be used as a last resort to someone who has no other way home. AAA will tow drivers’ cars and give them a ride home for free this Memorial Day weekend. More information on this service is available here.