Padel’s nominators describe her as fantastic and say her knowledge of the College of Nursing policies and procedures is irreplaceable. Known for going above and beyond to help her co-workers and for modeling excellence, it’s easy to see why she has earned the respect of so many of her colleagues.

“Kristell performs every task with excellence. Her work is impeccable, and she is very efficient and effective in her student application processing, which makes for extremely happy students,” says Jessica Simmons, assistant director of undergraduate student services for the College of Nursing.

In December, one of her colleagues unexpectedly needed to go out on a two-month medical leave during an extremely busy application period. Without being asked, Padel volunteered to start processing the applications and completed the initial validation of 242 student applications before her colleague even returned to work.

“Kristell sees areas where assistance is needed and jumps in to help without any concern for the extra work,” says Simmons, her supervisor.

Padel is also committed to her own scholarship and that of the student’s she assists every day. She is currently in the process of completing her associate’s degree at Seminole State College and aspires to begin a bachelor’s degree program at UCF one day.

“She takes extreme pride in ‘her’ students and in ‘her program’ and in ‘her’ college,” says Stephen Heglund, coordinator of the RN completion programs. “I have worked with her for years and she has always used the possessive terms.”

Aside from being a conscientious employee, Padel also chairs the college’s Sunshine Committee where she recognizes staff on their birthdays and anniversaries, and helps plan quarterly social events that foster teamwork and a sense of community.

As an USPS Employee of the Month, Padel received a one-time $200 cash award, $25 gift certificates from the UCF Bookstore and Fairwinds Credit Union, two theatre UCF tickets, one month membership to the UCF Recreation and Wellness Center, introduction to UCF’s Board of Trustees, a marquee announcement on Alafaya Boulevard, a goody bag, a certificate, and a surprise presentation.

As one of the 12 USPS Employees of the Month, Padel is now eligible for the 2015 USPS Employee of the Year award in which the winner will receive a $2,500 check.

“We’d like to thank this outstanding employee for her dedication and hard work,” says Patty Farris, a coordinator in UCF’s human resources department. “We’d also like to recognize her nominators who took the time to recognize outstanding efforts in their colleague.”

The USPS Employee of the Month Award recognizes an employee who has at least two years of USPS service and whose job performance is satisfactory or above. An employee can be nominated by anyone with UCF affiliation such a fellow employee, student, parent of a student, or anyone who conducts business with the university.