Below is the Monday, Oct. 3, update for students who have notified UCF Care Services that they have been impacted by Hurricane Ian.

UCF staff are connecting 1:1 with students.

Students should have received an email and phone call from a UCF staff member to discuss resources available to you.

UCF Care Services has notified your faculty members.

UCF Care Services has notified your faculty members that you have experienced significant hardship as a result of the impacts of Hurricane Ian and that you may miss class/classwork as a result of the ongoing situation. Please follow up with your faculty members as soon as you are able to discuss your absence.

UCF has set up an Academic Coaching Hotline to discuss options regarding academic challenges you may be facing as a result of the storm.

Students experiencing academic challenges due to the impacts of hurricane should contact Success Coaches who are here to provide you with guidance and support.  Please contact the UCF Online Connect Center at 855-903-8576 if you’d like to talk about how we might facilitate and promote your success in the classroom, either on-line or face to face.

UCF is reviewing and processing requests for Student Emergency Fund Grants.

UCF staff are working to quickly review the request you may have submitted for emergency funds. You will be notified directly when that review is complete. That notification will include information regarding disbursement of funds.

UCF has been organizing housing alternatives for students who are looking for long- and short-term accommodations.

UCF has been working over the weekend to identify short- and long-term housing around our community that may provide alternatives for students in need of housing accommodations. Student housing communities in the surrounding area with immediate availability can be found online at UCF’s Off Campus Partners Page.

Later today, students impacted by the storm will be asked to complete a Housing Relocation Needs Survey so we can best direct our support to students based on your needs.

The UCF Hurricane Ian Recovery Website has been updated to include additional resources for students.

The UCF Hurricane Ian Recovery Website includes links to campus resources and Federal Assistance Programs. Several campus services are open today, including Student Health Services, the Student Union, the Library, the Recreation and Wellness Center, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) for triage and walk-in service, and several on campus dining establishments.