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A Q&A with UCF Police Chief Richard Beary and Student Development and Enrollment Services Vice President Maribeth Ehasz can be viewed here.

As UCF prepares for Hurricane Irma, we strongly urge that students who live on campus move to safe off-campus locations by noon Friday, Sept. 8. Students with special needs should make plans now to relocate off campus.

Should Hurricane Irma threaten Central Florida, students who live on campus may not be able to stay in their on-campus locations and may be required to relocate to designated ride-out locations.

We cannot guarantee comforts such as power, water, food and medical assistance. This is why —with a few days’ notice before the storm’s expected impact on Central Florida — students who live on campus are highly encouraged to find a safe place to stay off campus. UCF will share local shelter information once it has been announced.

As a reminder, the university does not serve as a public shelter during hurricanes.

A list of frequently asked questions is available here. This list will continue to be updated.

UCF understands that there are many questions and concerns, and we are working to address them. Please know that safety remains UCF’s top priority, and your Knights’ well-being is guiding our decisions. As we shared previously, all academic programs and classes are cancelled starting Thursday, Sept. 7, to allow for sufficient preparations and travel needs for Hurricane Irma.

The campus will close on Friday, Sept. 8, and remain closed through Tuesday, Sept. 12. University facilities will be inaccessible. The closure decision — which affects all classes, including those conducted online – will allow time for students to make safety preparations.

UCF will monitor the hurricane and share more information about campus closures and openings as information is available. Regular updates will be shared on UCF’s website and through the university’s official social media accounts, primarily Facebook and Twitter.