The UCF Police Department recognized the Recreation and Wellness Center staff members’ ongoing efforts to make the RWC a safe environment for students. On December 6, UCF Police honored the RWC along with UCF’s Convocation Corporation and UCF Libraries.

Police Chief Richard Beary praised the RWC efforts in four key areas:

  • Police accessibility to facility security cameras
  • Locker management and proximity to security cameras
  • Marketing campaigns on theft risk
  • Front desk renovations, including state-of-the-art vein reading technology that allows students the option to enter the facility by placing their finger on a touch pad.
  • RWC Facilities Coordinator Jaime Morales says the center is constantly evolving when it comes to student safety, “We are always looking ahead, planning and looking at new technologies to make our facility a fun and safe place for students to work out.” Safety and risk management are key components to the RWC’s mission to enrich campus life and advance the university’s educational mission.

    The RWC is a department of Student Development and Enrollment Services. For more information about the RWC, visit or call 407.823.2408.