Students had the opportunity to participate in a hands-on diversity exercise, ”Celebrating Diversity.”

Various UCF departments that have a focus on student health and well-being joined forces on October 10 on the Student Union patio for the 6th annual Healthy Knights Expo. The event focused on a variety of health topics and services available to students on campus. Participating entities included the: Counseling and Psychological Services, Health Center, Dental Center, Women’s Clinic, Wellness and Health Promotion Services, Recreation and Wellness Center, Catch Your Breath UCF, and Knights Helping Knights Pantry, and Victim Services.

CAPS offered opportunities for the students to learn about mental health issues as well as increasing awareness around diversity and eating disorders. Students were able to talk with clinicians about services and programs offered through the center. Health Services also hosted a free flu shot clinic in conjunction with the event, KHK food pantry partnered with the WHPS to offer some nutritional tips on how to make tasty and nutritious meals on a budget.

The event was also supported by a “Simulated Impaired Driving Experience” at Academic Village, hosted by the WHPS office with the assistance of UCF Campus Police. The activity allowed students to experience what really happens when they drive under the influence. SIDNE is the newest tool in the fight against drunk driving. It’s a battery-powered, remote-controlled vehicle that resembles a go-cart and simulates the experience of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

“The expo lasted over four hours and it’s estimated that the event impacted over 2,500 students,” said Teresa Michaelson-Chmelir, associate director for CAPS. “Overall, it was a great success and an amazing collaboration of departments within SDES.”