UCF Career Services recently collaborated with the School of Public Administration to host the annual Nonprofit and Public Service Career Showcase. The showcase connected more than 350 UCF students and alumni with over 40 organizations from the nonprofit, service, and government sectors.

“There are hundreds of students at UCF that are interested in careers in public service,” said Neal Robinson, assistant director of Employer Relations in Career Services. “This showcase provided these students with an invaluable opportunity to explore career paths and find employment, internship, and volunteer opportunities.”

Some of the organizations in attendance included the Department of State, Central Intelligence Agency, Orange County Government, American Cancer Society, Department of Children and Families, Peace Corps, and Easter Seals.

“It is not enough to just teach, we need to provide students the opportunity to connect and learn about real world industries and what they have to offer,” said Stephanie Krick, director of Nonprofit Management Programs. “This is a great way to do that, and Career Services has been a wonderful partner in conducting this showcase.”

The showcase also provided local, regional and national organizations with an opportunity to partner with UCF to recruit talented students and alumni from a variety of academic disciplines. “The students who come to this showcase are some of the brightest UCF has to offer, giving our employer partners access to the highest achieving candidates,” said Krick.