Summer B students do not have to wait until Fall to get connected to UCF. “Summer Knights, an SDES Production,” is here to provide students a calendar of programs, events and resources to make that connection now. In an effort to take an all-inclusive integrated approach to providing both educational and social opportunities to UCF’s incoming Summer B students, many departments within Student Development and Enrollment Services along with some partners from Undergraduate Education have teamed together.

Approximately 2,500 first-time-college students will be enrolled during the Summer B term. This student population (many of whom are just a week removed from high school) is at a critical maturation stage. Summer Knights, a coordinated multi-departmental effort, is designed to help students adjust to college life. Over 60 program offerings in 45 days are planned with a focus on getting students connected quickly to UCF and all of the available resources. In addition, a weekly program geared towards alcohol education and prevention is offered. The following are just a few examples of Summer Knights:

–July 7: “My GPA, My Responsibility” offers students information on how to maintain their GPA and the requirements they must meet to keep their scholarships

–July 15: “Five Steps to Becoming an Academic Researcher,” a showcase of research through a variety of majors.

–July 17: “Late Knights” offers a night to socialize and enjoy free food, entertainment and activities such as Human Foosball, Rock Wall and Gladiator Joust.

Many Summer Knights programs are Learning and Interacting with New Knights (LINK)-connected events. By attending these events, Summer B students will earn LINK Loot points that can be used to bid on items at the LINK Summer Raffle on August 4.