Celebrate the power of giving while sharing the story of the young boy who became the legendary Santa Claus.

A portion of the proceeds from some online purchases of the novel “Kris: The Legend Begins,” authored by former UCF professor J.J. Ruscella, will be donated to the UCF Alumni Association.

Additional profits will benefit charities that assist orphaned and disadvantaged children.

The novel tells the tale of Kris Kringle, a boy from 16th-century Norway who is the origin of Santa and other gift-giving legends. The story follows him through a difficult early life and shares his search for redemption. Ultimately, Kris became Santa Claus, an inspiring man of joy who has become a timeless international icon.

Ruscella, who was an assistant professor in the UCF Theatre Department, also presented his version of the legend of Santa during a reading of his book at the FAIRWINDS Alumni Center earlier this month.

To purchase a book with a portion of the proceeds going to the UCF Alumni Association, go to http://santaisreal.com and use the code SANTAUCF.