Fraud is a word that brings fear and dread to the heart of any business owner or business leader. It is often very difficult to find the cause and necessary for people in business to understand it. The UCF College of Business Administration recently presented a leading authority on fraud detection, Gregory Trompeter, Ph.D., to kick off this year’s Dean’s Speaker Series.

The event entitled, “Detecting and Preventing Fraud: Whistleblowers and Social Accountability” was held on September 5, 2014 from 7:30 to 9:00 a.m. at the Citrus Club in downtown Orlando.

Trompeter discussed the importance of honest employees, the stigma they face when working to detect and prevent fraud and how this can be changed. Trompeter is a leading fraud researcher, focusing on issues related to fraud detection and deterrence, auditor independence and the auditing profession.

After earning his doctoral degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he was an associate professor and director of the Master of Science in Accounting program in the Carroll School of Management at Boston College. Currently he is the C.G. Avery Professor of Accounting at UCF.

The Dean’s Speaker Series, generously supported by CFE Federal Credit Union, is a monthly opportunity from the UCF College of Business Administration to learn about the provocative and new programs that our world class faculty are spearheading, researching, and teaching. This is an opportunity to be out on the edge of new business ideas and network with other business leaders in our community.