The UCF Police Department will be making some changes to its Knight Ride program for the fall semester due to COVID-19.

Although Knight Ride — the van that circles campus and provides free, safe rides at night — will not be in service, UCFPD will provide alternatives for students, faculty and staff members to navigate campus safely after dark.

“COVID-19 has forced us to rethink the Knight Ride service, at least for the fall semester, but we will have other options in place to help our students and employees stay safe while on campus late at night,” says UCF Police Chief Carl Metzger ’03MS.


In the UCF Mobile app, the “SafeWalk” feature allows users to share their location, destination and estimated arrival time with selected friends who can track the user’s trip on a real-time map. Friends will receive updates about the trip and, in the event of the unexpected, can ping police for assistance and relay critical location and timing information from the app.

Anyone can access the UCF Mobile app by downloading it at Once downloaded, select the SafeWalk icon on the home page of the UCF Mobile app and follow the directions on the screen.

Walking Escorts

UCF Police representatives will be available to provide a walking escort for students and faculty and staff members who prefer the in-person service.

The UCF community can simply call 407-823-2424 to request a walking escort anywhere on campus, and a UCF Police staff member or officer will escort them to their destination.

A golf cart will be available for those who require an ADA-compliant method of transportation.