The University of Central Florida received high marks for academic excellence, according to a new report from the State University System of Florida.

With an average SAT score of 1,836 and a median high school GPA of 3.9, the 2011-2012 freshman class ranked among the best and brightest in Florida’s university system.

The stats come from the State University System’s annual report, which details the accomplishments of the state’s 12 public universities in areas such as academic quality, operational efficiency and return on investment. The full report can be viewed here.

The report also highlighted UCF’s retention and graduation rates. Eighty-eight percent of UCF’s freshman students return for a second year, and 65 percent graduate from UCF within six years—quicker than average among Florida’s other public institutions. The average UCF student earns a degree within 4½ years.

The second-largest university in the nation and the largest in Florida, UCF awarded 11,515 bachelor’s degrees in academic year 2011-2012.

More than 1,700 of those degrees were in science, technology, engineering or math. In the same academic year, more than 700 of the 2,600 graduate degrees awarded were in STEM fields.