The Slamdance Film Festival 2010 screening is at Park City, Utah on January 24th at 11:00am and January 25th at 6:00pm. Steven Cohen is the writer/director and Nils Taranger is the producer.

Cohen is a student filmmaker from South Florida. He is preparing to graduate from UCF’s Limited Access Film BFA program.

Taranger is also preparing to graduate from UCF with a BFA in Film Production. He has directed and produced short films over the past several years in Florida as well as working as a professional freelancer in film and television. He is applying to the UCF MFA program in Entrepreneurial Digital Cinema, where he will direct his first feature film while continuing to produce for other students.


A hilariously vapid sitcom parody takes a sinister turn when the characters discover they are trapped in their artificial and repetitious world.

In this lost episode from the oft-forgotten sitcom Broken Records, Milt just had separate dates with both of the McClusky sisters, at the same time! Though Henderson is impressed, his roommate Jane isn’t too happy about it. But when the old degraded VHS tape rewinds and repeats, this clichéd sitcom scenario takes an unexpected turn, with the trio fighting for change. Trapped in the same repeating scene, their struggle reveals the dark truth behind the false smiles and constant laugh track. Can’t they just do something different?

Broken Records stars Arian Ash, Chris Burns, and Jesse Malinowski, local professional actors that volunteered their talents to support UCF student filmmaking.

FOR INFORMATION CONTACT: Tom Hurter, UCF Film Community Relations, Phone – 407.823.4534, Email –