Welcome to the Majors, the official kickoff to another exciting semester with #UCFBusiness, will bring more than 1000 students together at the Venue on January 16th. In addition to receiving valuable information about the UCF College of Business Administration, students will be given the opportunity to meet with Career Coaches, learn more about the specific majors offered, and network with professors, college partners and student organizations.

The students are enrolled in GEB3003, “Career Research and Planning”, a course designed to give them an edge when entering today’s competitive job market. Welcome to the Majors served as the first class meeting.

Welcome to the Majors offers students the opportunity to participate in a structured networking opportunity to begin fostering professional connections. The College of Business Administration focuses on helping students become the ONE—the one who gets the job, the one who starts a business, or the one who makes a difference. The exercise shows participants the power of mutually beneficial connections with others.

Students will also be assigned a checklist to complete during their time at UCF to encourage professional development outside the classroom. Tasks range from serious to silly, calling students to visit the Blackstone LaunchPad, volunteer for local organizations, find an alumni mentor, and take a selfie with Knightro (and tag it with #UCFBusiness, of course).