As Spring Break starts, the UCF Police Department reminds students of a few simple ways to have a safe and enjoyable break.

If you’ll be traveling, check that all the windows and doors of your home are locked before you leave. If you are leaving your car behind, make sure windows are rolled up and doors are locked.

Remove valuables from your car and take any expensive items, such as laptops, jewelry and electronics with you, or store them somewhere safe and out of sight.

Never post any information about where you’re going or for how long you’ll be gone on social media.

Buckle up if you’ll be driving. The Click It or Ticket campaign will be in effect through March 14. Nothing will put a damper on your spring break faster than a $114 ticket for not wearing a seat belt. Remember, seat belt enforcement is about saving lives.

If you’ll be drinking, do so legally and responsibly.

Drinking in moderation and always keeping an eye on your drink are key. Never leave your drink unattended, and don’t accept a drink from someone you don’t know or trust. Follow the buddy system, and always look out for your friends.

Make plans to get home safely before you go out. Elect a trusted friend to be a designated sober driver, or take a cab.

UCFPD will join other agencies in looking for impaired drivers near campus on Friday, March 11.

As part of a multi-agency DUI enforcement detail, drivers suspected of being under the influence could be pulled over by police and asked to complete a roadside sobriety test. Those found to be driving under the influence will be arrested and transported  to jail.

Drivers under the influence who are under 21 will be subject to license suspensions even if they are not DUI.