Crime at UCF is down, according to the 2015 Uniform Crime Report released by the UCF Police Department this month.

There was a 31 percent decrease in violent crime, and property crimes dropped by 24 percent compared to 2014. Nearly every other category saw a reduction or stayed constant.

The full report is available here.

UCF Police Chief Richard Beary credits the lower numbers to the hard work of officers and the diligence of staff in anticipating crime.

“We’re pretty accurate in being able to predict what’s going to happen on our campus,” said Chief Beary. “We continue to push numbers down despite our student population growing, and that’s where we need to continue to focus.”

Students and faculty and staff members also play a part in campus safety.

“It’s about reducing opportunities,” Chief Beary said. “If we’re all smarter and we pay attention and reduce those opportunities, those people that seek to commit crimes are going to go somewhere else.”

UCFPD’s Community Relations unit hosts several events and programs to promote campus and personal safety, including a monthly self-defense class for women and free property registration.

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