Career Services, in partnership with the College of Education and Alaska’s Bering Strait School District, held its first virtual employment interview sessions. These non-traditional interviews were held as an alternative for the school district, which was unable to attend UCF’s upcoming Education Career Fair.

Each virtual interview was conducted by a representative in Alaska who communicated with candidates via video teleconference. John Concilus, the district’s director of educational technology, referred to UCF as a great partner for future virtual campus visits. Concilus also expressed his excitement for “the clear advantage” provided by Career Services to meet candidates that they would never normally get the opportunity to consider.

Bryan Zugelder, director for the Office of Clinical Experiences in UCF’s College of Education, referred to the interviews as a creative alternative that provided opportunities for cost-effective interviewing, while still enabling the process behaviors of interviews.

Applicants who participated in the interview process provided positive feedback. Dolores Arrington, elementary education major, stated, “with Career Services providing the means to conduct a virtual interview service, it was convenient, easy and free of a lot of the anxiety that comes with a face to face interview.”

Career Services is an office in the Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services. For more information, call 407.823.2361.