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Jessica Sunshine


LV-VIC Instrument Scientist, Co-Investigator


Jessica Sunshine is the Instrument Scientist for Lunar-VISE’s visible/infrared camera and a Professor of Astronomy and Professor of Geology at the University of Maryland. Her expertise is in the composition and geology of planetary surfaces with a particular emphasis on asteroids, meteorites, comets, and the Moon. She was part of the team that discovered hydration on the surface of the Moon and led the study that established its daily variation. Jessica has extensive mission experience as Deputy PI of EPOXI; Co-I on Lucy, DART, Deep Impact, Moon Mineralogy Mapper, and Stardust NExT; PS on Dawn; and team member on Galileo’s asteroid and lunar flybys. Prof. Sunshine has a ScB in Applied Mathematics and a MSc and PhD in Geological Sciences from Brown University.