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Visit the Understanding the To-Do List for details on To-Do List items and their status.

  • Log in to your myUCF Student Self-Service portal. Click the link that reads “Student Center.” Navigate to the To-Do List on the left side of your student portal.
  • On your To-Do List, click the details of one of the “Initiated” items listed. By clicking the details, you will find information on what our office will need to satisfy the item on your To-Do List.
  • Click the link included in the details of your To-Do List item. This will open up a new window that lists financial aid forms. Locate the appropriate form.
  • Complete the form. Remember, do not skip any questions as blank fields may result in the delay of processing your aid. Also, make sure all required signatures are handwritten as we cannot process a document that does not have a handwritten signature.
  • Once the form is complete, you are ready to upload the document. Keep in mind, to upload a document, it must be in PDF, .jpg, .png, .doc, or .docx formats and all pages for that particular document must be saved in one file.