One hundred and thirty top entrepreneurship leaders will be convening on Friday, Feb. 18, for the first-ever Future of Entrepreneurship Education Summitat the University of Central Florida. They will be discussing how the entrepreneurship education field can be scaled to help decrease global unemployment.

Attendees include top leaders from foundations, education, government, corporations, media, and nonprofit organizations that combined serve over 30 million aspiring and existing entrepreneurs per year and have given over $1 billion in donations to the field. Attendees include the founder of, members of the White House and the CEO of SCORE.

Michael Simmons, co-founder of the Future of Entrepreneurship Education Summit, says “Our goal is to help increase the size and effectiveness of the entrepreneurship education field by helping to encourage major financial commitments, develop partnerships between attendees, showcase innovative initiatives and program, and highlight success stories.”

According to a recent survey by the Young Entrepreneur Council in partnership with Buzz Marketing Group of over 1,600 individuals ages 16-39, 89% of respondents believe entrepreneurial education is imperative today, given the new economy and job market, but 73% were not offered classes on entrepreneurship in college.

Sarah Green, another summit co-founder, says, “President Obama, in the State of the Union address, emphasized recharging the American economy through entrepreneurship. This Summit comes at the perfect time for his National Innovation Strategy.”

The event will be livestreamed for free  starting at 9:40 a.m. at