In preparation of Hurricane Irma, the University of Central Florida has offered its parking garages as triage and staging areas for first responders.

Students who live on campus can keep their vehicles in parking garages and lots, as designated by their valid parking permits. Students from off-campus affiliated housing who will ride out the storm on campus also are permitted to have their vehicles on campus.

Effective 1 p.m. Friday, Sept. 8, UCF Police Department personnel will close all entrances to the university except for the entrance at the intersection of University Boulevard and Alafaya Trail. Police will be staged at this entrance and will only allow students who are riding out the storm at UCF and authorized essential university employees on to campus.

UCF does not serve as a public shelter. Unauthorized parking of non-UCF vehicles, trailers, RVs, and watercrafts is prohibited and may result in towing at the owner’s expense.

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For information on ride-out locations on campus for students, see here:

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For information specific to parents of UCF students, see here:

Academic programs ceased on Thursday, Sept. 7 and the university will remain closed through at least Monday, Sept. 11.