“Nightingale believed in the ability to effect change; she displayed determination and great vision. She is an enduring symbol for nursing and so it is appropriate that UCF nursing is linked to her name with a “K,” said Jean Leuner, dean of the College of Nursing. “Proudly, UCF nursing reaches beyond classroom walls in order to provide access to education at all levels. Every patient deserves a UCF nurse. We are committed to educating the finest nurses who will change lives.”

Florence Nightingale is revered as the mother of modern nursing (1820-1910). A woman of great intellect and determination, she nursed the sick and wounded and was a pioneer in the use of statistical data to demonstrate the relationship between environmental and health outcomes.

Due to her legacy, the Knightingale Nursing Society was founded in 2007 with the establishment of the College of Nursing. This society provides donors with the opportunity to invest in nursing at UCF.