Christine Wargo Deatrick received the Orlando Health Leadership Award at the College of Nursing’s traditional recognition ceremony on Friday, August 7.

Anne Peach, vice president of nursing for Orlando Health and the chief operating officer for the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, presented Deatrick with her award.

Deatrick was nominated by the college’s faculty and selected for exhibiting the qualities of an excellent nurse leader.

Elected to serve as an Accelerated Program Liaison to the Student Nurses Association Orlando, a chapter of the National Student Nurses Association, Deatrick has consistently worked to improve communication with members of her class. More importantly, she put her leadership skills in action by coordinating a summer orientation for the newly entering class of the Accelerated program.

Deatrick has served as a mentor, demonstrating patience and understanding to her peers.  She attended the annual state convention in Daytona Beach as a representative of the Student Nurses Association and consistently shows a strong passion and enthusiasm for the profession and the work she does as a nurse.

On Saturday, August 8, Deatrick received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from UCF. She plans to work as a surgical oncology nurse in Orlando. Prior to pursuing a career in nursing, she earned a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies and worked professionally for 15 years as a crew coach for Stetson University, Temple University and the University of Central Florida.