A few months ago, Cameron [Ford, Director of Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership/Blackstone LaunchPad at UCF] was working on a presentation about entrepreneurship at UCF to use at an alumni gathering we were hosting in South Florida. Most of the people scheduled to attend the event were entrepreneurs themselves and I wanted Cameron to put something together that would capture their attention. As he was walking me through his presentation, he came to a slide with the CEL’s organization chart. I quipped: “Cameron stop showing the org chart to entrepreneurs–they don’t care–they are all anarchists.”

If you know and love Dr. Ford like I do, you know that he is “coachable” and sure enough he removed the org chart from his presentation. Little did I know at the time, Cameron was way ahead of me. He knew his people were anarchists. And he was planning to have them riot.

The riot occurs Thursday in the Student Union (Event Hashtag: #ucfstarters). Frankly, I think it is genius. So if you are a creative type looking to start something new, different and irreverent. Or maybe you want others to know about your big idea. Or you just want to hang out with people who are really different from you. Or you like cupcakes and candy and want to redefine Halloween (seriously, it is an ancient holiday with an industry that could use some disruption)…Show up and make some noise. You are only college students for a short time….don’t miss this.

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