As Spring 2021 kicks off, UCF Parking and Transportation Services continuing to practice safety procedures to address COVID-19 risks and promote a healthy environment for the campus community.

Parking Permits

Those who do not plan to be on campus frequently this semester should consider purchasing virtual daily permits rather than the one-semester or multi-semester permits.

If you live on campus or will visit UCF frequently during Spring 2021, you can purchase a permit on Parking Services’ website. When purchasing a permit you can choose contactless delivery to have it mailed or pick it up from the Parking Services location in Garage B. UCF Downtown students can also pick up permits in the Communication and Media Building lobby.


All shuttles will resume operations and follow their normal schedules for Spring 2021, with the exception of Park and Ride, which will not operate during Spring 2021.

While shuttles are available to provide mass transit for the campus community, individuals are encouraged to utilize other methods of transportation if they are concerned about potential risks from the coronavirus.

Students should complete the COVID Self-Checker, which becomes available through the UCF Mobile app, before boarding any UCF shuttles or coming to campus. If you are experiencing symptoms or come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, contact the UCF COVID Line at 407-823-2509 and do not board UCF’s shuttles.

Seating and Operations

When possible, riders will board buses through back doors to reduce contact with drivers.

Standing room is discontinued across all shuttles and seating capacity will be reduced by 20 percent. While most fall courses will be online, ridership will be reduced with minimal impact to wait times. Riders can track arrivals and departures and through the UCF Mobile app.

Each night shuttles will be cleaned with a disinfectant fogger. This efficient method uses a safe, high-grade EPA-registered disinfectant, which is 99.999 percent effective against a variety of bacteria and viruses and exceeds CDC requirements.

Some windows will be left open throughout the day to allow fresh air to circulate throughout the shuttles.

Face Coverings

As UCF is requiring students, faculty and staff to wear face coverings on campus, the same requirement applies while on shuttles. Shuttle drivers are required to wear face coverings and signage will be posted onboard to remind everyone to wear their cover.

UCF students and employees, including those who were on campus for Fall 2020, may receive one free, reusable face covering during Spring 2021. A valid UCF ID will be needed to collect a face covering from a distribution location on the main, UCF Downtown or Rosen campus. Face coverings can also be redeemed for free, or purchased for $5 if you’ve already received your complimentary item,  through vending machines across each campus.

Driver Requirements

Drivers who are experiencing symptoms or have knowingly been around anyone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days should not report for work.

Drivers must perform self-assessments for symptoms and acknowledgement of responsibilities before clocking in for each shift. Drivers have completed training for proper cleaning procedures and will have supplies, such as disinfectant wipes and spray, on board to sanitize hard surfaces throughout the day.