The most popular UCF research stories of 2019 are about things we value, such as getting a good night’s sleep, the health impact of what we eat, preserving a species for the next generation, and exploring beyond our planet.

We rank our most popular research stories based on the number of media placements and the reach they earned. When we share our stories and show our community why research matters, readers stop and pay attention. Our stories were shared around the world on television, in newspapers and magazines, radio and on the web.

UCF research appeared in such diverse places as Forbes, Science Daily website, USA Today, New Yorker magazine, Smithsonian magazine, Wired, Weather Channel, Web MD, National Geographic, Daily Mail newspaper, Fox News and The Chronicle of Higher Education, as well as local news outlets such as the Orlando Sentinel and the region’s television stations.

Top 10 list

  1. Sleep essential for business leaders seeking next successful venture
  2. Processed foods may be linked to autism
  3. Turtle nests washed out by Hurricane Dorian
  4. Arecibo Observatory gets $12.3 million grant
  5. Steam-powered asteroid hoppers
  6. Comet gateway discovered
  7. U.S. Southeast Atlanta Coast faces threat from sea level rise
  8. A new battle: Veterans more likely to have heart disease
  9. Infrared-detection night vision
  10. Standards developed for off-world colonies