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The purpose of this study is to improve our ability to identify and support college students who are experiencing violence in their relationships. Through a partnership with UCF’s Student Health Services and Victim Services, the team developed and are implementing and validating a screening tool to identify past-year IPV among college students.

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Bethany Backes (PI), Julia O’Connor (Co-PI), Jacqueline Woerner (Co-PI), Jana Jasinski (Co-PI), Karina Villalba (Co-PI), Amy Reckdenwald (Co-PI), and James Schaus (Co-PI)

Total Award: $30,000

Funder: Elizabeth Morse Genius Foundation

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Principal Investigator

Bethany Backes, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice & Social Work


Julia O’Connor, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Social Work
Jacqueline Woerner, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Social Psychology
Jana Jasinski, Ph.D.
Pegasus Professor of Sociology
Karina Villalba, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Population Health
Amy Reckdenwald, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Sociology