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This project is developing a geospatial framework to optimize the deployment of solar-plus-storage for the most vulnerable and at-risk communities in Central Florida and the Florida Panhandle. The research team will determine the relationship between extreme weather events and grid outages to quantify vulnerability and risk before selecting the optimal location to site solar and solar-plus-storage. Ultimately, this interdisciplinary geospatial framework can be translated and scaled to other communities around the world with the end goal of helping provide clean, affordable, and resilient energy systems to those who need it most.

This is a collaborative proposal between the RISES and Sustainable Coastal Systems Clusters.

Kristopher Davis (PI), Christopher Emrich (Co-PI), Zhihua Qu (Co-PI), Kelly Stevens (Co-PI), Thomas Wahl (Co-PI)

Total: Under Negotiation

Funder: US Department of Energy

Principal Investigator

Kris Davis, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering


Christopher Emrich, Ph.D.
Professor of Environmental Science and Public Administration
Zhihua Qu, Ph.D.
Thomas J. Riordan and Herbert C. Towle Chair and Pegasus Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kelly Stevens, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Public Administration
Thomas Wahl, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Civil, Environmental & Construction Engineering