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This study seeks to understand how the pandemic impacted responses and services for domestic violence calls and cases. An online survey was administered to law enforcement, prosecutorial, and victim services staff working in the criminal justice system and with a domestic violence case load. In-depth interviews are being conducted with a sub-sample of survey recipients.

Bethany Backes (PI), Erica Fissel (Co-PI), Amy Reckdenwald (Co-PI), Will Moreto (Co-PI), Jacinta Gau (Co-PI)

Total Award: $4,800

Funder: College of Community Innovation and Education

Watch a recorded webinar about the effects of the pandemic for domestic violence victims here:

Principal Investigator

Bethany Backes, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice & Social Work
[email protected]


Erica Fissel, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
[email protected]
Amy Reckdenwald, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Sociology
[email protected]