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Students on a Not Meet SAP status have the option to appeal this status if an extenuating circumstance caused them to be unable to meet the requirements of our SAP policy.

Re-establishing Eligibility

In order to appeal a Not Meet status students must do the following:

  • Complete the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form
  • Attach official third-party documentation that supports the circumstance(s) described on the appeal form
  • Meet with their academic advisor to complete the Academic Plan portion of the appeal
  • Submit completed appeal with documentation to the Office of Student Financial Assistance

Complete appeals are presented to the Financial Aid Review Committee for determination of outcome.

Once a decision has been rendered, students will be notified of the outcome via their UCF email account.

The status of a complete SAP appeal can also be viewed on the student’s Student Self Service Center in the myUCF portal under the “View Financial Aid Status” link.

Approved Appeals

When approved the student’s SAP status will update to Probation. While on Probation SAP status students are eligible for Title IV financial aid only for the coursework required for completion of their degree.

Students on Probation SAP status will be monitored at the start of each semester to determine whether their coursework is required based on the Academic Plan submitted with their appeal. Note: Enrolling in non-required coursework can result in the reduction or elimination of Title IV financial aid.

Students on Probation are also reviewed at the end of each semester to determine whether their academic performance qualifies them to remain on Probation SAP status for the next semester. For further information on requirements for maintaining Probation SAP status please see our SAP Appeals FAQs.

Denied Appeals

When denied the student’s SAP status will remain Not Meet resulting in no change to their eligibility for Title IV financial aid.

Students have the option to re-appeal this decision but may submit no more than three appeals in one semester. Re-appeals without information or documentation that differs from the initial denial will not be accepted.

Additional Coursework

Students who are not meeting the GPA and/or Completion Ratio components may be able to meet all SAP components in a future term by successfully completing additional coursework. SAP is evaluated at the end of every semester to incorporate newly earned grades. If at any point additional earned coursework is sufficient to allow a student to meet all SAP components their status will automatically update from their prior status (Probation/Not Meet) to Meet.

Note: For students exceeding the Maximum Time Frame component of SAP no amount of additional coursework will allow the student to naturally meet SAP again.