In 2005, UCF’s College of Business Administration attracted a world-renowned leader in the field of accounting information systems, Steve Sutton, as the KPMG Endowed Professor in Accounting in the Kenneth G. Dixon School of Accounting. Steve Sutton, came from the University of Connecticut and holds a Professorial Fellowship at the University of Melbourne in Australia. When considering the move to UCF,  Steve recognized an opportunity to join a program with a reputation for quality and research. “UCF is moving forward – the institution is growing and has energy,” he said.

Steve’s position provides strong financial support to continue his research while also allowing him to provide financial support for several students as graduate research assistants.

“The appointment of a scholar of Steve’s stature creates a ripple effect and brings local, national and international recognition to UCF and its programs,” said Thomas Keon, dean of the College of Business Administration. “When professors with international reputations come to UCF, it brings attention to the university; it raises the profile of its programs, and draws the attention of potential employers.  It also creates partnerships with exemplary graduate and doctoral students who will become leading researchers in their field.”

Steve believes that with more focus on research over the next few years, the school’s national and international visibility will increase. “The school will strengthen relationships with the business community, and those relationships will create a better environment for students and faculty,” he said.