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Good Governance looks at the larger picture of global partnership at the international level, but at the local level, relates to the utilization of means that will benefit the downtown Orlando community with global potential. Research projects range from utilization and accountability of local government collaborative networks to UCF and nonprofit partnerships to enhanced teaching of doctoral scholars to have a community-embedded approach to teaching. UCF Downtown faculty engaging in Good Governance projects, whether research, teaching or service, all have the purpose of utilization of networks and environment to engage participants in driving change and results of greater opportunities for the community.

UCF Colleges Involved with Good Governance Research:

In The News

UCF Faculty Member Receives Volunteer Florida Grant
The $73,000 grant will fund the planning of an AmeriCorps program, focusing on communities impacted by COVID-19.
New UCF Project Will Put Downtown Orlando Air Quality Data in Residents’ Hands
More than 100 air sensors will be installed throughout Downtown Orlando and will provide near-real-time data about air quality to…

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