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Alex: Okay, now we have Jeremy waiting for us. He’s found a sense of home while living on main campus. From awesome amenities to a welcoming community, he’s ready to share why he loves being a UCF campus resident.

Jeremy Singh: Thanks for the intro, Alex, and hello friends. Growing up a military brat, my sense of home changed quite a bit. Having lived in Virginia, South Dakota, and North Carolina, I knew I wanted my college experience to be an adventure all on its own, a chance for me to venture out and truly discover home. And I will admit, I was a little nervous coming to UCF as an out-of-state student. I didn’t really know anyone or anything about Orlando, but by living on campus, I found my place among the people, places, and thriving community that UCF has to offer.

So what’s it like living on campus? Well it means being in the center of everything, classes, food, study spots, athletic events, and social happenings. In the Apollo housing community in my first year, I connected with an awesome group of roommates and had a great time checking out concerts and theater shows and attending events like Light Up UCF and Homecoming. Being on campus makes it easy to get around quickly, from meeting up with friends of the student union, to relaxing by the reflecting upon, or attending Zumba classes at the Recreation and Wellness Center.

Living learning communities are also a way for you to connect with students who share similar interests and academic ambitions as you. So if you’re a first generation student, a future educator, a nurse or engineer, you have a built-in community of like-minded students who have access to special programming and additional academic resources.

UCF offers 11 housing communities, including beautiful and convenient apartments at UCF Downtown and the Rosen College of Hospitality Management. With modern facilities, from kitchens to community spaces to laundry rooms, you’ll have access to all the conveniences, amenities, and resources you need to feel at home at UCF. Have a question, need a resource? Ask your RA. Residence Life is available 24/7 to point you in the right direction.

While I was anxious about my journey to UCF, I quickly learned I’d chosen a bustling and welcoming community to be a part of. Each day had a new sense of adventure and excitement, and the people I met proved that I’d truly found home after all. And that’s the tea on that. Back to you, Alex.

Alex: Jeremy, that was so cool. Whether you’re an out-of-state student or local resident, there’s definitely perks to living and learning at UCF. The convenience of being close to your classes and more opportunities to meet your peers are just a few of them. I’m so glad Jeremy gave us a chance to learn more. Thanks again, Jeremy.

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