Frequently Asked Questions


A: The campus will be located on 68 acres of city-owned land in downtown Orlando’s Creative Village, where about 15 acres between Livingston and Amelia streets and across from the UCF Center for Emerging Media have been designated for higher education.


A: The UCF Downtown committees looked at which programs would provide students with more educational opportunities, such as internships or research partnerships with businesses, nonprofit organizations and governments in the downtown area. The full list of academic programs align with three emerging industry clusters in digital entertainment and communication, health care technology and administration, and public service.

Q: Can students take all of their classes downtown?

A: More than 20 academic programs will be offered at UCF Downtown beginning in fall 2019. Lower-level courses will be offered both downtown and on the main campus. If an academic program is relocating downtown in fall 2019, all of the required courses in that degree program will be held at the downtown campus or—if offered by the program—online.

Q: If I started with my courses on UCF's main campus, will I have the option to continue them there after Fall 2019?

A: Lower-level courses will be offered downtown and on the main campus. If your program is relocating downtown in fall 2019, all of the required courses in your degree program will be held at the downtown campus or—if offered by your program—online.

Q: How will this impact me as an online student? 

A: As an online student, you will have access to UCF Downtown resources including advising, the campus bookstore, library services, and experiential learning and internships.


A: Stimulating downtown Orlando and providing a true college experience means having a critical mass of students. Approximately 5,400 UCF students and 2,300 Valencia College students could attend classes at UCF Downtown when the campus opens in Fall 2019, with opportunities for future growth. With approximately 7,700 students, UCF Downtown will bring a vibrant campus to the heart of downtown Orlando.

Q: Will there be parking for students, faculty, and staff?

A: Three garages with about 1,800 parking spaces will provide access to parking for students, faculty, staff and guests to the campus and Creative Village. Parking decals will be sold by UCF Parking and Transportation Services and will provide students, faculty, and staff access to all UCF managed parking garages including the new garages on the downtown campus. In addition, the downtown campus will be accessible by SunRail, Lymmo, LYNX, and direct shuttles from the main campus.

Q: Will I have to pay more for parking at UCF Downtown?

A: No, your UCF parking permit is valid at UCF Downtown.

Q: If I don’t have a car, how can I get to UCF's main campus?

A: There will be several ways you can get back to UCF's main campus, including taking the direct UCF shuttle, driving yourself or with a friend, or taking the LYNX bus.

Q: Will the campus be safe? 

A: UCF Downtown will have a dedicated police force at the campus, available 24/7, located in a sub-station on Amelia Street. The campus will include uniformed patrols, video surveillance, blue light phones, and emergency alert systems. This plan is the result of coordination and planning between the UCF Police department and City of Orlando Police department over the past four years to collaborate on safety at UCF Downtown, which includes partnership ridealongs and inclusion in weekly crime meetings to understand trends in the area.

Q: How much does it cost to attend UCF Downtown?

A: Costs to attend UCF Downtown are the same as main campus for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs. In fact, undergraduate students will have the opportunity to realize a reduced cost of attendance by taking co-listed general education courses offered to both UCF and Valencia students.

Q: Will I incur any additional fees at UCF Downtown?

A: No, student fees will not be affected by the new campus or academic realignment.

Q: Is there a meal plan for downtown students? What can I eat on the downtown campus?

A: There is no meal plan at UCF Downtown. The first floor of UnionWest will include several quick service food options and the Campus Store will include a full-service cafe. Many other restaurants are also available within walking distance of the campus.

Q: Will my orientation be downtown? 

A: For 2019, Orientation will take place at the main Orlando campus. Students majoring in one of the academic programs moving downtown will be required to complete a specific Orientation which will include sessions about the UCF Downtown experience. More information can be found at


A: UCF and Valencia College share a long history of partnering together to advance educational opportunities and access across Central Florida through programs like DirectConnect to UCF. The institutions will share academic space on the new campus and have partnered together on academic program offerings and student support services. UCF and Valencia also work with Orange County Public Schools on the new Academic Center for Excellence school in Parramore and other community initiatives.

Q: How can I share my thoughts or questions about the project?

A: We encourage you to share your ideas. You can fill out our comment form, and include your email if you are submitting a question.


A: If you are interested in learning more about how you can support UCF Downtown either through business partnerships or community initiatives, contact Vice President for Partnerships and Chief Innovation Officer Thad Seymour, Jr., at To learn more about how you can financially support the project, contact Mike Morsberger, Vice President for Alumni Relations and Development and CEO of the UCF Foundation, Inc., at

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