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Maymester is an intensive four-week session that offers the same credit as traditional semester-length classes, utilizing longer meeting times for each class.

Maymester: Accelerated Path to Summer Learning

Here are some essential details to guide students through this unique intersession.

Financial Aid Considerations: The Maymester is not treated as a separate term for financial aid purposes. Instead, it is seamlessly connected to the summer semester. Any courses taken during the Maymester will be integrated into the student’s overall summer enrollment. This ensures a cohesive academic experience without the need for separate financial aid awards.

Disbursements and Refunds: Disbursements for Maymester enrollment begin during the second week of the Summer (A/C/D) term.

Academic Engagement: Active participation in Maymester coursework is crucial, especially if receiving federally funded financial aid. The Office of Student Financial Assistance monitors academic engagement to facilitate timely disbursement of federal aid. Learn more about confirming academic activity Academic Activity for Federal Financial Aid.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP): SAP evaluations occur at the end of each semester fall, spring, or summer. The Maymester does not independently impact these assessments; overall performance across all terms determines the student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Embrace the intensity of the Maymester, explore new subjects, and make the most of this accelerated learning opportunity. For further questions, explore the comprehensive FAQs below.

Maymester FAQs

Your intersession enrollment will be added to your enrollment for the summer semester.  Please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog to review the enrollment categories.

Yes. If you are receiving federally funded financial aid, the Office of Student Financial Assistance must be able to determine you are academically engaged in your coursework before disbursement of federal aid takes place. Learn more about confirming academic activity at Academic Activity for Federal Financial Aid.

No, the Maymester is attached to the summer semester.

Disbursements for enrollment in the Maymester will begin during the second week of the Summer(A/C/D) term.

Please refer to the College of Undergraduate Studies, Maymester.

You will not receive a separate financial aid award for the Maymester.

No, Satisfactory Academic Progress will be determined at the end of each semester (Fall, Spring and Summer).

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