From prestigious awards to moon minings, these are some top stories for UCF this week.

1. JFK to LAX in 30 Minutes
A recent discovery by UCF researchers could make traveling from New York to Los Angeles in 30 minutes a reality. Published in the Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, the study found that subsonic flames, such as those found in a candle or campfire, can convert into hypersonic flames, resulting in enough energy to propel objects at five times the speed of sound or above, using less fuel.

2. Partnering with Disney to Offer Free Tuition
UCF joined the groundbreaking Disney Aspire education investment program, which offers 100 percent free tuition to eligible employees and Cast Members. UCF will offer 34 undergraduate and graduate degree programs — including 10 that are fully online — beginning with the Fall 2019 semester.

3. 5 UCF Alumni Receive Fulbright Awards
Four recent UCF graduates have received prestigious Fulbright Teaching Assistantships to teach English in Brazil, Montenegro and South Korea. One alum, Evan Rosato ’18, was awarded a Fulbright Research Award and will research sustainable printmaking techniques at the Academy for Visual Arts in Belgium.

4. Mining the Moon
UCF researchers are partnering with aerospace company TransAstra Corp. to find an economical way to mine ice on the polar regions on the moon. Funded through a grant from NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts program, the study could help in the search to turn the ice into rocket fuel, which will help fuel space exploration to other planets.

5. Powered by UCF
CytoSen was acquired for nearly $70 million, marking the largest sale of a biotechnology company in Central Florida’s history. The biotech company, which stimulates natural cancer killing cells, was founded by UCF researchers, started at the Research Park Incubator and has been headquartered at UCF’s Winter Springs Incubator for the past two years.