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Trademarks and Licensing

Who can use UCF trademarks without prior approval from UCF Marketing?

  • UCF Board of Trustees; UCF colleges, departments and units; UCF faculty and staff for official university-related business
  • UCF Student Government Association (SGA) for official university-related business
  • UCF Direct Support Organizations for official university-related business

All of the above shall hereafter be referred to as “authorized UCF trademark users.” All others not listed in the section above must secure permission in writing from UCF Marketing prior to using UCF trademarks — this includes but is not limited to students and student clubs and/or student organizations registered through the Office of Student Involvement (OSI).

UCF Merchandise

Permission to produce or sell clothing or other merchandise that incorporates UCF’s name, trademark(s) or logo(s) must be secured in advance in writing from each of the following departments:

  • University trademarks: Business Services
  • Athletics trademarks: Business Services and UCF Athletics

UCF retains all rights to all articles of clothing and other merchandise that represent or promote the university or a unit of the university. Only UCF-approved vendors can produce or sell such merchandise. (Contact Business Services for the current list of approved merchandise vendors.) Individuals and companies producing or selling UCF clothing or merchandise without permission are subject to prosecution.

Freelancers and Vendors

It is the responsibility of each authorized UCF employee contracting with printers, designers, graphic artists, photographers, merchandisers and web designers to inform them of the university’s Graphic Standards and to make certain that the standards are applied to the materials being produced.

Use of UCF Trademarks by Outside Parties

UCF requires that its marks be used in a manner that is consistent with the goals of the university and the university’s legal responsibilities as a trademark owner, and that UCF is properly compensated for the use of university marks in conjunction with authorized use of the marks.

All items produced using the trademarks of the university and for resale are subject to the royalty payment requirements as set forth in approved licensing agreements. Only with prior written approval by the appropriate UCF department may UCF trademarks be used to promote events with UCF partners with an official relationship with the university.

Outside parties may only use UCF trademarks if prior written approval has been obtained from UCF Marketing, UCF’s General Counsel’s Office, UCF Athletics and/or UCF Business Services, as appropriate.