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Color is a critical institutional identifier. Following these guidelines will ensure that UCF’s colors are used consistently. Our colors are black and bright gold.



For print:
Pantone® or Process Black

For digital mediums:
Hex 00 00 00 or RGB 0R, 0G, 0B

For embroidered merchandise:
Madeira thread #1006 or #1008


UCF Bright Gold

For print:
Pantone® 7406 or CMYK 0C, 21M, 100Y, 0K

For digital mediums:
Hex FF C9 04, FF CC 00 or RGB 255R, 202G, 6B

For embroidered merchandise:
Madeira thread #1125 Classic Rayon #40


UCF Metallic Gold

For print:
Pantone® 10121 (Metallic Gold should only be used on coated paper. It is not recommended for uncoated papers or digital mediums.)

Embroidered merchandise:
Madeira thread Soft Metallic #40 995-4015

For gold foil stamping:
Antique Gold