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UCF PowerPoint Templates

Below are a set of PowerPoint templates set up in Widescreen (16:9) format with more than 45 slide designs to incorporate into your presentation. Each template includes brief instructions and recommendations.

Each version includes the same layout and design elements, but utilize different typefaces.

The first template is set up in our main brand typeface – Gotham. The other three templates are set up in alternate san-serif typefaces (Arial, Helvetica and Montserrat) that are more widely available across various operating systems and technologies.

Please note: If you are sharing your final PowerPoint with other users who do not have the same typeface that you used to create your presentation, the fonts may not display correctly.

Updated on 9-22-2022

UCF PowerPoint Template – Gotham Typeface

Download Gotham .potx (updated 09/16/2022)

UCF PowerPoint Template – Arial Typeface

Download Arial .potx (updated 09/22/2022)

UCF PowerPoint Template – Helvetica Typeface

Download Helvetica .potx (updated 09/22/2022)

UCF PowerPoint Template – Montserrat Typeface

Download Montserrat .potx (updated 09/22/2022)