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Canva Templates

Canva is an online design and publishing tool that empowers you to create presentations, posters, social media graphics, and more. Our Enterprise Canva platform gives you access to UCF-branded templates and toolkits so you can easily create on-brand designs.

Here are some easy steps to get started:

Order and pay for your Canva account from the Technology Product Center.

  1. Accept the Canva invitation link to sign in.
  2. Choose a UCF brand template or a blank canvas to start your design.
  3. Add photos, images, and text to the design.
  4. Adjust the size and position of the elements to fit your design.
  5. When you’re ready, click the download button to save your finished design.

Account Access

The UCF Canva Enterprise platform is available via a paid subscription only. The cost per individual user per email address is $130 for a one-year subscription and there are a limited amount of seats available.

To get started, complete the order form on the UCF Technology Product Center’s website. A email address is required. Once the payment is processed, you’ll receive an invite link to login into Canva.

Each subscription is for individual access only. Seats are for university use only and not a replacement for a personal Canva account. If you have an existing Canva account, you cannot merge accounts, but the interface allows you to toggle between accounts.

To transfer templates between accounts, you can create a link to a template, then go into your other account and paste the link to copy that template to the destination account.


If you have any questions about the UCF brand templates, please don’t hesitate to reach out to