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Email Signatures

Your email signature is often an opportunity to make a good first impression as a representative of UCF.

  • Please limit the use of graphic elements and logos in your email signature. They put an unnecessary burden on the email system.
  • Highly decorated and personalized email signatures detract from your message.


For the purposes of clarity and consistency, we recommend the following email signature format for employees of UCF. The example below is meant as a visual guide. Please note that copying and pasting the example into Outlook may appear differently and require additional formatting.

Name Name, Jr., Ph.D.
UCF Title
UCF Department Name
University of Central Florida

P.O. Box 0000 (optional)
Orlando, FL 32000-0000 (optional)

Office: 407.823.0000
Other: 000.000.0000 (optional)

We unleash the potential of people and ideas to positively change the world.

Please note: Florida has a very broad open records law (F.S. 119). Emails may be subject to public disclosure.



  • The entire signature is set in the font Helvetica or Arial.
  • The name line is set in 12pt. Helvetica or Arial bold.
  • Title, address and contact information is set in 10pt. Helvetica or Arial regular.
  • The optional public records notification is set in 9pt. Helvetica or Arial italic and regular.
  • For emphasis, the name line, the web address and the shortened mission statement are colored black, while all other text is colored a dark gray.


To set up the signature in Microsoft Outlook, you can use the specifications above to create the signature in a new email message window, then copy and paste the signature into the edit signatures tool in the toolbar on the top of the new message window.