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Logos and Identity System

To promote unity, clarity and consistency of our visual identity, this system is designed to leverage the equity of our brand. UCF is the primary branded entity in every communication. Divisions, offices and subunits are identified within the brand context.


The Pegasus

Our logo is the Pegasus. It is our badge and emblem. It creates, promotes and protects the integrity of the UCF message. It should be used to identify UCF on all communication materials.

Where Does the Pegasus Come From?


Pegasus is the winged horse of Greek mythology. He carried heroes on to great adventures and earned a place in the stars as a constellation. The logo was officially unveiled by President Charles Millican on April 5, 1968, from a design by Jim Shattuck and Norman Van Meter. More than 50 proposals were considered during the process. The Pegasus design was chosen for its distinctiveness—and it symbolizes the university’s vision of limitless possibilities.


Primary Identity Marks


The Tab

The Tab is our Primary Identity Mark intended to represent UCF to broad public audiences. It is a bold, modern visual representation of our brand. Its effect is strongest when used independently from other visual elements in a layout. It should not be altered in any way or be combined with other logos.

When using the Tab for external audiences, be sure to include the term, “University of Central Florida,” in your text or use the University Signature as a separate graphic element in your layout.

If using the Tab on a black background, please use the Tab artwork files that include “_NoBox” in its name.

Download The


University Signature

The words — “University of Central Florida” — should appear in all external communications to ensure that audiences know what the “UCF” trademark stands for. For consistency, the University Signature is provided as a graphic element that should not be altered.


Download University

Primary Mark Lockups

The Tab and University Signature is provided as a single graphic lockup for situations where the Primary Mark is used independent of a message, such as a logo request from an external agency. For convenience, it is provided in horizontal and vertical orientations. For situations where space is severely restricted, a horizontal UCF mark is provided. Usage examples include sponsorship identification, trade show identification and promotional products.





Primary Mark Lockup


Primary Mark Lockup


Unit Identity Lockup

The Unit Identity Lockup distinguishes a specific unit of the university. It can be used in place of the Tab when the context of the communication is specific to the unit. The Unit Identity Lockup should not be used in combination with the Tab or with any other Unit Identity Lockup.

Two versions are provided. The internal version (without the University Signature) is intended for campus audiences or situations where the University of Central Florida context is established. The external version (with the University Signature) is intended for broad public audiences or situations where the University of Central Florida context has not been established.

When determining which UCF academic or administrative unit should be represented as a logo, communicators should determine which entity is the highest appropriate authority for a piece of communication to ensure clarity.

Internal Version:


External Version:


Please remember:

  • There should be only one Pegasus per communication.
  • UILs are not typically necessary on the web, as most UCF websites include the header bar with the Pegasus and the name of the university.
  • Items using The Tab logo, such as official letterhead and business cards, should not use a UIL.

Search for a Unit Identity Lockup


Ask Yourself:

Unit Identity Lockups have been created for UCF High-level academic and business units. Before requesting a Unit Identity Lockup for your department, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do you communicate externally (outside of a UCF campus audience)?
    -If you communicate with the broader public and your content is targeted, you may benefit from a Unit Identity Lockup.
  • When you communicate, are you always representing a larger academic entity (UCF college or school)?
    If yes, then you should use the Unit Identity Lockup with the highest level of authority.
  • Does your unit have a dedicated administrative structure and the ability to respond to inquiries?
    If no, then you should use a Unit Identity Lockup with a higher level of authority. You may choose to explain the relationship with a higher level unit within body text or by using the subunit typography convention.

Remember: You can always use the Tab — because we all speak for UCF

Subunit Typography

Sometimes it may be necessary to identify an additional subunit to ensure that your audience understands the specific author of your message or to clarify the source of a transaction. We have provided a typographic convention you may follow to promote consistency. This typography should not be combined with the Unit Identity Lockup, but can be associated with a call-to-action.

Font: Gotham Bold (may substitute Helvetica Bold if necessary)
Size: Minimum 8 pt. (maximum determined by scale of final layout)
Spacing: Can be aligned centered, left or right depending on layout. (leading should be single spaced, words set in initial caps)

Small Space Mark

The Small Space Mark is provided for web or digital formats where space must be economized. Digital and web usage examples include web banner ads and toolbar icons. Maximum size for the Small Space Mark on the web or digital is 150px x 63px.

It may also be used for other small spaces on small promotional items such as pens. Maximum size for the Small Space Mark on promotional items is 1″ x 0.5″


Download Small Space


Official Seal

The seal is used at formal, universitywide academic functions. Use is restricted to the UCF Board of Trustees, Office of the President, Office of the Provost, and Office of the General Counsel.


UCF Intercollegiate Athletics Trademarks


Use of UCF Athletics trademarks is restricted to UCF Athletics

  • Cannot be used to represent UCF as a university
  • Cannot be used to represent an academic or administrative unit
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with the Pegasus, wordmark, monogram, university identifiers, unit identifiers or regional identifiers
  • Cannot be used for personal business

Authorized UCF trademark users may use UCF intercollegiate athletics trademarks if they:

  • Secure permission in writing from UCF Athletics prior to using the UCF Athletics trademarks in official UCF print or electronic media

UCF Athletics Trademark Licensing: Contact UCF Athletics at 407.823.3198.


Best Practices for Using Our Trademarks

Do not alter the trademarks.
We love our trademarks just the way they are. Please be careful not to stretch, squish or flip them. Also avoid using them as part of a pattern or adding any decoration to them such as drop shadows or inner glows.

Stick to UCF Colors.
Hot pink might be tempting, but please stick with our brand colors of black and bright gold.

Avoid using Americana font.
Prior to 2006, our trademarks exclusively used the Americana font. Since then, they’ve been updated to use Gotham — a bold, clean, san-serif font that aligns with our modern brand. Please avoid using Americana font in trademarks and any design project. A limited number of discounted Gotham font licenses are available for purchase by UCF communicators only. Get Gotham here.