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Video is a powerful storytelling tool that every communicator should consider. UCF visual media should be natural, emotional and inspiring.


Best Practices

Audio quality matters just as much as visual quality. 
Use proper sound recording equipment to achieve clear, high-quality audio recordings.

Hold it steady.
Shaky camera work looks amateurish and unprofessional. Use tripods, gimbals and shoulder-rigs to achieve professional looking steady footage.

Expose properly for your surroundings.
Do not underexpose when indoors and do not overexpose when outdoors. Florida is bright and sunny, so make use of neutral density filter to avoid blown out highlights in your outdoor videos.

Consider your composition.
Plan and arrange your shots carefully and cinematically. Study professional videos to see how they compose their shots. Use them as a reference for your own shooting.




External Filming Requests

UCF welcomes news media to our public campus and most exterior areas are accessible to reporters and photographers. All members of the media, however, are encouraged to contact UCF Communications at 407.823.5828 prior to filming or photographing on campus. Access may be denied or limited during an emergency or other situations when unrestricted media access may become disruptive.

UCF Communications can provide high-quality B-roll and photographs of the campus to media. Prior clearance is required to conduct interviews, film or photograph inside campus buildings, residence halls and classrooms, or any other area that is restricted. Please call 407.823.5828 for assistance from UCF Communications staff.

Commercial and student crews interested in filming on campus also should call 407.823.5828 for guidelines. Crews are encouraged to call several weeks ahead if they wish to film inside campus buildings, residence halls or classrooms. Proposals for filming commercials or television shows on campus or affiliated with UCF must be approved by the university.

Requests, with a description of the product or show, should be emailed to Mark Schlueb. Scripts that contain references to UCF may require review by university departments, including the General Counsel’s Office.


Helpful Brand Assets for Video Projects

Logos and Identity System
Photography Assets
Video Assets