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UCF Marketing Portfolio

The Black and Gold Standard. Designers, illustrators, writers, photographers and artists. It takes many talented people to tell the story of UCF. This space was created and curated to showcase visual excellence from across the university. To share how we apply our bold, youthful and modern brand. And to inspire our communicators to continue making an impact. To submit work for consideration, please contact

UCF collage image featuring Knightro with images of musical instrument, palm trees, UCF building, student in hat and sunglasses, woman running in track uniform, and a football player
Illustration of a pegasus with silhouetted people working on creating a constellation
Close up image of the UCF 2018 Knights Cover
Framed print of the 2018 UCF 2018 Pegasus Knights Cover standing next to a UCF football helmet in the UCF Football locker room
Close up image of the UCF 2018 Knights Cover with the text, One Team One Heartbeat
UCF Pegasus Summer 2019 The Adventure Issue Cover with the words Let's Go cut out in paper
UCF Business Cards design mock up
UCF stationary mock up
Where UCF Students Come From Fall 2014 infographic
Where UCF Students Come From Fall 2014 International edition infographic
Illustration of UCF pegasus with a sea and large sailing ship
Mock up image of a bag with the words, I speak two languages: Espanol and English
UCF Eat More Tiger billboard design mock up
Illustration of UCF football celebration with players and cheerleaders
Mock up of three Pegasus covers
Photo of tshirt with central florida illustration
Pegasus Briefs magazine layout mockup
cassette tape on a surface with the tape pulled out and arranged to spell the word Awesome
UCF Pegasus Magazine Mastering the Rebound Tacko Fall story cover featuring Tacko Fall smiling holding a basketball
Citronaut figurine
Image of a person walking in front of a Pegasus mural
Image of a person sitting on the ground painting on a canvas on the ground
Image of a UCF Football player cut out
UCF lecture hall with large wall wrap design covering an entire wall
illustration of a person with toxins traveling in to their lungs
phone mockup with a Be My Knightro in Shining Armor Valentines Day background designed by UCF
UCF Study Abroad Program Guide tall flyer
composited image of elements in space
woman wearing headphones standing in front of a UCF designed wall wrap
Photo of the Dr. Phillips Academic Commons building at night
a person standing in front of a UCF designed wall wrap
a person walking down a pink-lit hallway
interior design
Wall design with the words If you want to go far, go together
UCF pegasus logo
UCF Downtown Orlando wall wrap with illustrated downtown Orlando map
Illustration of a UCF football player holding a sword wearing a knight helmet
cartoon-like illustation of different mascots
two flyers for the UCF International Hub Spring 2018
All of the UCF Pegasus Space magazine issue laid out in one image
One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for UCF story illustrated spread design
Collage of UCF Basketball players
UCF Pegasus stamp design
A Steady Course story spread design
UCF License Plate
Reach for the Stars poster for UCF
Pegasus Path tshirt
Destination Downtown story spread design
UCF Faculty poster
Hitt Squad pin
Illustration of three kids as rockets blasting off while their parents are taking a photo of them
A person reading the Pegasus Fall 2018 Wired to Win Issue
Ad for registering for classes for UCF with the words Get on and get in, Register now and stay on track
UCF Pegasus Magazine Spring 2017 cover on an ipad
Downtown bus wrap
Dare to be big collage
Breaking Down Debt UCF story layout design
illustration of a UCF pegasus for 50th anniversary
Audubon Park illustration
The Benefits of BIG flyer design
UCF Homecoming Knights Come Together 2015 logo
Knights in Space UCF Pegasus Magazine story spread design
UCF Global Creating Greater Impact in 2017
UCF sword illustration
The UCF Brand story collage
From Knights to Kings UCF Pegasus Magazine collage
UCF Reach for the Stars mark
Script like text with the words, Bold, Modern, Youthful, Entrepreneurial, Energetic
UCF Wall Wrap for Acclaimed Knights
Person screenprinting a UCF Charge On poster with Knightro
UCF Arts Collage
UCF sticker design
Why I Jumped UCF Pegasus Magazine story spread design
UCF Knightro Valentines Day card
Illustration of UCF
UCF Herbarium logo
Nike Schwing
Faculty clusters collage
Alum Knight tshirt illustration
On Creativity gif
Big magazine spread ad for UCF
Going Big Illustrated text
Illustration of students riding on a Pegasus over a traffic stop bar with Knightro
The State of Natural Florida UCF Pegasus Magazine story spread design
Lets Get Social design
50 moments 50 years infographic
Put on your game face illustration ad
Painted UCF Downtown mural
This is Big Undergraduate Admissions Viewbook cover
Designed icons
Our Fifth President seal logo
Pegasus Society UCF seal logo
Enjoy Downtown Knight Life billboard design
Illustration of two doctors and a body on a table with a lot of medical machinery filling the background
Image of a man sitting on a couch in front of a wall with the words We Believe If There's A Better Way, We Should Do It on it in
UCF Pegasus Magazine Knigths Around the Globe story design in a magazine mock up image
Transfer to UCF Poster
Citronaut illustration
White chalk-written style words on a blackboard 'Why I Sing in Black and White Susan Lilley'
Illustration of UCF Knight Statue
Extraterrestrial Intelligence story design which features Jason Dunn smiling and space illustrations surrounding him
Illustration of a bus smiling on a gold background with the words, Ride the grocery shuttle
Black and white image of the UCF Knightro statue with the words Charge On overlaid on top in gold
UCF Mailer mockup of the Road to UCF Admissions guide
Image of a UCF Shuttle with a Pegasus illustration on it
UCF Pegasus Magazine spread mockup
UCF Pegasus Magazine Helpers and Healers spread design
Image of a UCF Knight for Life illustration displayed in a wall ad space in an airport
Drive On Pegasus magazine story spread design
College of a person wearing a helmet and riding gear and riding in a go kart
UCF Recharged Illustrated logo
Illustration of UCF themed items including Knightro holding a flag that states Big is Just The Beginning, the UCF Water towel, Pegasus statue, Library building
Image of a person holding a lime green bass guitar in a library with the text, Support What You Love UCF Day of Giving March 29 2018
Image of police officer holding a german shepard puppy standing in front of the UCF Police Department with the text Support What You Love UCF Day of Giving March 29 2018
UCF Day of Giving March 29 2018 logo
Image of someone holding an iPad with the Pegasus Fall 2017 Cover on the screen
UCF Police National Champions car wrap
Image of the UCF Pegasus Magazine Spring 2018 Cover - National Champions edition
Illustration of Dr Hitt holding a rope running
Charge on Pennant Illustration
Mockup of the All In story spread design which features Dale Whittaker
Photo of a person reading the Now Trending story spread in UCF Pegasus Magazine
How Nanotech Can Improve What We're Wearing Infographic
Gif of a illustrated woman dancing
People standing outside holding up large signs that feature Tacko Falls actual size, charge on flag, Knightro. Signs were used in the ESPN Game Day 2019
Photo of a wall installment of UCF imagery on a brick wall
Collage of UCF football team players, previous coach Josh Heupel and a marching knight band player
Fueling the Future UCF Pegasus Magazine story spread design
The Lost Highway Pegasus Magazine story spread design
UCF Marching Knights pins
How Do You Define Creativity poster
tshirt mockup of a knight kneeling with a sword and the text Tradition UCF Marching Knights below

Contributors: Patrick Burt, Ron Boucher, Lauren (Haar) Waters, Steve Webb, Adam Smajstrla, Mario Carrillo, Janeza Dino, Laura Cole, Eric Michael, Bree Adamson, Tom Bell, Bernard Wilchulsky, Nick Leyva, Austin Warren, Steven Diaz, Melanie McMullen, Tricia Hinds, Victor Davila, Matt Dunn, Heads of State, Joshua Noom, Ethan Long, Jack Prettyman, Keegan Sanford, Josh Letchworth, Regan Dunnick, Casey Brabbs, Sarah Blacksher, Mary Kate McDevitt, Rachel Ignotofsky, Tim McDonagh, Boy Kong, Brian Carlson, Tim Bower, Kirsten Ulve, Wells Collins, Erik Pavik, Caryn Ann Bendrick