In an effort to increase retention in STEM disciplines and promote academic success, the Learning Environment and Academic Research Network was established at UCF as a living-learning community.

Through on-campus partnerships, L.E.A.R.N. is able to provide science, technology, engineering and math students with mentoring, a sense of community and academic opportunities that are typically reserved for upper-level students.

Aside from increasing retention in STEM disciplines, the program aims to provide an inquiry-based, hands-on learning experience through an early research opportunity. Students will take an Introduction to Research course and serve as research apprentices alongside research groups in STEM areas.

L.E.A.R.N. members experience a small academic community consisting of just 28 students. This close-knit community lets students connect with their peers through the living environment and connect with mentors who include faculty, graduate students and upperclassmen. Successful program participants also benefit from the opportunity to be recruited into several junior- and senior-level research programs at UCF.