Ready to make a splash by learning how to swim or becoming a better swimmer? The UCF Aquatics team is ready to help. Our certified Water Safety Instructors provide swimmers of all levels—beginner, intermediate and advanced—with free group lessons during the spring, summer and fall. We also offer one-on-one support through private, fee-based lessons available all year round.

Being able to swim is more than a skill—it’s a way to boost your confidence in and around water. That’s why we strive to help all UCF students learn to swim.

As an experienced swimmer, you can enjoy Florida’s countless pools, springs and beaches. You can also take advantage of our beautiful nine-lap pool, located on the first floor of the Recreation and Wellness Center. Swimming is an excellent total body workout that you can easily add to your fitness routine. And because our pool is heated in the winter, you can refine your skills any time of the year.

Signing up for swim lessons is easy and online. Whether you’re a beginner or training for a triathlon and looking to improve your form, there’s a swim class for everyone.