If you are a student in recovery, know that you are not alone. We understand the challenges of being in recovery, especially on a college campus. That’s why we created the Collegiate Recovery Community at UCF as a way to foster a sense of belonging and accomplishment for students who choose to lead a sober lifestyle. As a result, students are able to flourish in academics and in their personal lives.

If you’re searching for support on campus or for a way to enjoy the “college experience” while maintaining your recovery, the Collegiate Recovery Community is for you. The CRC is a student-run network of individuals in recovery along with students who simply wish to be alcohol- and substance-free.

Young adults can often feel isolated and frustrated when balancing their recovery with being a so-called “typical” college student. We understand the stigma of being sober, especially on a college campus. The simple act of letting others know you are in recovery or interested in recovery is often very difficult. Within this program we facilitate support group meetings for students in recovery from various addictions. All voluntary intervention services are provided free of charge to students.

The CRC sustains and nurtures a safe and authentic community by offering access to recovery resources and fun, drug-free events. Our community is founded upon values that enable students to develop behaviors and skills necessary to flourish in recovery.

Additional Services

Sober Knights is a group of UCF students of all ages who like to have fun without alcohol. This group is not a recovery group or program but is open for everyone. The only requirement is that you are drug and alcohol free when attending Sober Knight meetings and/or events.