The Access Program is for selected groups of freshmen who receive additional academic preparation before attending classes in the fall. Participants in these intensive programs are evaluated solely by UCF's Undergraduate Admissions Office and participation is by invitation only.

The Access Program seeks to help students bridge the gap between the life they had in high school and the life that stands before them as a UCF college student. The components of the program have been designed to act like the supporting structure that holds a student’s bridge up and makes it strong; think of them as the steel beams, concrete, bolts, and screws. These are the components of the program:
– UCF Freshman Orientation: All Access Program participants must attend the same UCF Freshman two-day Orientation Program.
– Week 1 Seminar: In the first week of classes, all Access Program participants will attend a seminar that reviews the Access Program requirements, offices, and staff, as well as strategies for a successful summer semester.
– Summer Classes: Two courses for each student are chosen by the advising team based on the students’ test scores, dual enrollment, transfer credits, and intended majors.